Why Should Customers choose Our BSNL Services? Good Reasons to Join into BSNL, The People's Telecom Company.

BSNL and MTNL are two Telecom PSU's in our country. BSNL has been serving the Nation over the decade by providing the best Telecom services to every corner of the country with its largest, widest and reliable network. As a part of it, BSNL delivers Landline Services includes NGN & Broadband, mobile services, leased lines, WiMax, WLL(limited mobility), EVDO, FTTH, Cloud Services, Telecom Training, E-learning, Social responsibility schemes and more.

Now-a-days Communication has become basic commodity to every individual. BSNL provides basic voice and data communication through its Landline and Mobile services. BSNL has positioned No.1 in wired Landline Network and as well as in Broadband Services but there is a steep decline in landline connections. BSNL market share in Mobile Network is in alarming state though it has largest network and widest coverage. 

With a good gesture, now the BSNL management has taken few corrective initiatives to boost the revenue both in landline and mobile segments.Both Management and field level employees should join their hands to take these newly offered schemes at CUSTOMER LEVEL with GOOD SERVICE.

Public also should think about People's Telecom Company,BSNL and come forward to join in BSNL Family by any means taking Landline/Broadband/Mobile connection. Then Customers may put a question that.....
Why Should We choose BSNL as Our Right Telecom Choice?
There a many Good reasons to prove BSNL Telecom is the BEST Nation's TELECOM CHOICE. Let us see a few good reasons about to choose BSNL as your right telecom choice....  

The Right Choice To take BSNL MOBILE SERVICES:
1. LOWEST TARIFF: Prior to the entry of BSNL in mobile segment, the private operators charged the outgoing calls at Rs.24 per minute and customers had also paid even for incoming calls at Rs.16 per minute.
After entry of BSNL in mobile segment in 2002, BSNL initiated its mobile services with FREE INCOMING CALLS for the first time within License Service Area(state level). Today's telecom tariff in India is the lowest in the World. This credit goes to BSNL because of its great initiatives such as allowing free incoming calls within LSA, introducing lowest voice, data and SMS plans among other private telecom operators.

2. FREE ROAMING FACILITY: BSNL announced 'FREE ALL INDIA ROAMING' for its mobile customers. BSNL once again proved as a first mover among other telecom operators in taking a remarkable decision for the benefit of the Nation. With this great initiative by the BSNL, Nation's dream 'ONE NATION - ONE NUMBER' comes true.
This 'FREE INCOMING CALLS' scheme is applicable from June 15, 2015(Monday) for a period of 1 year while on roaming.

The Right Choice to take BSNL LANDLINE Services:

1. Building FREE RADIATION NATION: BSNL announced 'FREE NIGHT CALLING FACILITY' for its Landline Customers to call 'ANY NUMBER of ALL NETWORKS' within India from 9pm to 7am(10hours per day). Although landline revenue is declining, BSNL had taken a massive decision in landine segment because of its great advantages and introduction of NGN Technology. During night time, Customers need to switch over their network from Mobile to BSNL Landline while at Home. It is the responsibility of everyone to protect our beautiful Nature from Radiation world for at least few hours in a day.

2. HIGH SPEED INTERNET: Prior to ADSL technology, customers had a bitter experience to enjoy the internet(connecting to the world) with DIAL-UP Internet speed max. upto 64Kbps. After introduction of ADSL BROADBAND technology through BSNL Landline in 2005, the Nation started enjoying the internet with HIGH SPEED. The BSNL changed the definition of ADSL BROADBAND Speed from 256Kbps to 512Kbps by its remarkable upgrade in the network . Now BSNL serves the Nation upto 100Mpbs speed through LANDLINE/FTTH Services and its NIB Network.  

3. LANDLINE NGN TECHNOLGY: BSNL is always the first in taking new initiatives and introducing New Technologies as a part of it, BSNL introduced NGN Technology for its landline customers. By this technology, landline customers can enjoy the 'ALL MOBILE FACILITIES(SMS/VIDEO-CALLING/CONFERENCE/National Centrex/High Speed Internet and more)' except mobility without any upgradation of devices at customer end. By the end of 2016, BSNL will integrate all existing landline exchanges with NGN technology(IP based platform).

1. GO GREEN INITIATIVE: BSNL had moved a step forward to SAVE NATURE by its 'GO GREEN INITIATIVE SCHEME' allowing customers to update their mobile numbers and e-mail ID's to receive TELEPHONE BILLS. Say No to PRINTED PAPER PHONE BILLS. Hassle free to pay bills online through BSNL PAYMENT PORTAL www.portal.bsnl.in

2. FREE TELECOM SERVICES:  BSNL is always the first and foremost telecom operator to take lead in providing FREE TELECOM SERVICES to the people in the hour of need during natural calamities. An initiative such as FREE Outgoing/Incoming facility for its mobile customers had taken by BSNL during the natural calamities in J&K, Vishakapatnam(Andhrapradesh). Recently during the earthquake in Nepal, BSNL treated 'ALL ISD CALLS to NEPAL' as 'LOCAL CALLS'. This is the beauty of BSNL Support.

NO OTHER TELECOM OPERATOR had taken initiative in giving helping hand to the nation at the hour of need.
Be proud to be an Indian
Be proud to be a Customer in BSNL.
BSNL - HAMARA BSNL - Nation's Pride Telecom Company 

Tail Piece(An Appeal to BSNL Employees):
This is not the time to find out the fault about BSNL present situation. This is not the right time for the employees(both Executives & Non-Executives) to fight for your personal grievances and financial benefits. Don't sink the ship of BSNL before ending up of your generation retirement.

This is the true time to take good initiatives and effective decision at administrative level with Perfect Monitoring and Pursuing(Management Tools) in the execution of schemes at field level ultimately reaching the product to the customer. Employees should take an oath to work purely for the department for atleast 3-4years to bring back the BSNL into profitable state. 

Let Us create a HISTORY in building a Nation's Best Telecom Company with World-Class Services and see Long Live BSNL which in turn gives future to our next generations.  

It is a known fact that BSNL major revenue share is contributed towards 'EMPLOYEES SALARY' . Everybody has a solid conclusion that because of 'LARGER NUMBER of EMPLOYEES', BSNL has become loss making company and lack of capital fund for further expansion of network. It may be true but.......

Why shouldn't BSNL employees take this as an oppurtunity to make the company into profitable by doing 'result oriented DUTY'  for 8hours in a day?

This dream is practically possible with a 'RESPONSIBLE DUTY & POSITIVE THINKING' by each and every employee. By this, you can prove yourselves that you are a big asset to the department.

The one and only Solution is: Work Hard with Responsibility and Positive attitude. 

GOD has given an opportunity for ALL of US to serve the Nation through BSNL 

BSNL - HAMARA BSNL - Nation's Pride Telecom Company


  1. Wht is the service these bsnl people are giving i donno.
    Am a bsnl cuatomer for past 2 years. I was happy with the services provided by dem.
    Now a days, after introducing the new unlimited internet schemes, they hav reduced the speed of internet. I am facing problems with the network now. Always it is bufferingg. Previously it was not like and i agree that it was the best service given by them. But now the service has become very pooooorrr...
    Kindly take the matter very seriously and act upon it, or else u ll be losing the good customer. As ur not bothered abt losing dem, but atleast try not to lose them...