BSNL Broadband: How to Check/Test BSNL ADSL Broadband Speed

BSNL provides Landline Broadband Services through ADSL technology across India. BSNL is No.1 Telecommunication Company in Wireline Broadband Services. BSNL gives reliable BB services to its esteemed customers with good download/upload speed. As a part of it, BSNL always upgrade/enhance the  BB Speed from time to time in order to experience High Speed Internet Services.

BSNL offers many Broadband Plans suitable for Home & Business Customers at most affordable rates.   BSNL is one step ahead in utilizing the advanced technology and it recently upgraded BB servers capacity with high bandwidth to ensure assured Broadband speed to its cutomers.

Customers shall test their Broadband Connection Speed using any one of the following links.
BSNL ADSL Broadband Speed TEST links
Note: Internet Speed is always measured in terms of bits/sec but not in Bytes/sec.(1Byte=8bits)

When customers are downloading any video/audio/document file, the computer shows download speed in terms of Bytes/sec. But customers should calculate the Speed in terms of bits/sec only.
Example:  File Download Speed: 50KB/sec(displaying in computer/system)
                Actual Download Speed: 50K*8bits/sec=400Kbps
Customers shall compare this speed in terms of bits/sec with your BB Plan speed.

Normally Internet Speed may be slow which is due to the following reasons
Reason Suitable Remedy
RAM Capacity is less Minimum RAM Capacity 1GB is recommended
Computer/System is affected by VIRUS Clean VIRUS and Use suitable Anti-Virus Software for Protection.
FIREWALL option is ON Recommended keep FIREWALL in OFF mode
On Computer Sharing Basis
(Multiple Users use Single BB Connection)
Upgrade Your Plan/Reduce No. Of Users
ADSL(Telephone) Line is Noisy Check Splitter/Telephone Line – Give Complaint to BSNL & Restore Telephone Line
Distance b/n BSNL premises and Your Home ADSL Technology itself is a DISTANCE Constraint. If distance is less, Speed is Good and Vice versa


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