BSNL Mobile: AP Circle GSM 2G/3G Prepaid Plans & Tariff

Updated December 14, 2014: BSNL AndhraPradesh circle revised GSM prepaid mobile plans at most attractive and affordable prices suitable for 2G/3G mobile customers. Now BSNL AP circle offers various gsm mobile prepaid plans such as Nestham(most popular plan), Swagatham and Akarsh plans at most attractive tariff. In addition to these circle plans, BSNL ALL India corporate plans are also available.
BSNL Andhrapradesh Circle Present Plans ALL India Common Plans
1. Nestham 1. Per Sec Plan
2. Swagatham 2. Per Minute Plan
3. Akarsh 3. Pyar Jodi(Bandham) Plan
Withdrawn plans in AP circle: 4. Jai Jawan Plan
Vennala Super(w.e.f 12-6-2014), Powerpack, Vennala Match and Vennala Plus(w.e.f 1-2-2013) 5. Roam Free - 45
Promotional plans: 6. Roam Free - 199
Swagatham and Akarsh are promotional plans for 90 days from 20-5-2014 to 18-8-2014 All India Prepaid Tariff
BSNL AP circle has withdrawn the existing VENNALA SUPER plan and not allowed to offer this plan for new and migration customers. This change came into effect from 12-6-2014 onwards. However the existing customers of the withdrawn AP plans shall be allowed to continue in their respective plans.

BSNL Normal/Micro/Nano SIM Cost:
SIM Type & Memory 32K/64K 128K 256K 32K/64K MicroSIM 128K Micro SIM without Processor 64K Nano SIM
Cost of SIM Rs. 20 Rs. 59 Rs. 200 Rs. 59 Rs. 59 Rs. 59
BSNL AP Circle GSM Mobile 2G/3G Prepaid Plans:
Prepaid Plan Details Nestham Swagatham Akarsh
FRC(plan voucher) Rs. 29 Rs. 20 + SRC Rs. 1 Rs. 299
Initial SIM Validity 7 days
Grace Period 15 days FRC should be done within Grace period
Freebies: FREE Benefits at the time of Activation - Validity 30days
Voice Calls
(ON/OFF Network)
600sec ON N/W & 600sec OFF Network 200sec ON/OFF network 600sec ON N/W & 600sec OFF N/W
SMS(Local/National) NIL 20 50 any network
Video Calls NIL NIL NIL
Initial PLAN Validity LIFE TIME 180 days 180 days
Pulse Rate per Sec per sec per minute
Outgoing Voice/Video/SMS Calls Tariff(within AP):
Outgoing Voice Calls
Local ON Network 1.3p/sec 1.2p/sec 40p/min
Local OFF Network 1.4p/sec 1.5p/sec 40p/min
STD ON Network 1.3p/sec 1.5p/sec 40p/min
STD OFF Network 1.3p/sec 1.5p/sec 40p/min
Outgoing VIDEO calls
Local ON/OFF N/W 4p/sec 4p/sec 70p/min
STD ON/OFF N/W 4p/sec 4p/sec Rs. 1/min
SMS charges(per SMS)
FREE SMS per month 60 NIL NIL
Local ON/OFF N/W 50p 50p 15p
National ON/OFF N/W 60p 50p 15p
International Rs. 5 Rs. 5 Rs. 5
Friends and Family Pack Details Max.5nos allowed any network Max.2nos allowed any network NA
Friends and Family Call Charges BSNL Nos:15p/min; Other nos: 35p/min; BSNL:15p/mi Other nos:35p/min; NA
National Roaming Charges:
Outgoing Voice Calls in Roaming:
Local ON/OFF N/W Rs. 1/min Rs. 1/min Rs. 1/min
STD ON/OFF N/W Rs.1.5/min Rs.1.5/min Rs.1.5/min
Incoming Voice Call 75p/min 75p/min 75p/min
Outgoing VIDEO calls in Roaming:
Local ON/OFF N/W 5p/sec 5p/sec Rs. 1/min
STD ON/OFF N/W 5p/sec 5p/sec Rs. 1/min
Incoming Video Call 5p/sec 75p/min 5p/sec
SMS charges(per SMS):
Local ON/OFF N/W 70p 80p Rs. 1
National ON/OFF N/W 70p 90p Rs. 1
International Rs. 5 Rs. 5 Rs. 5
GPRS(Internet/Data) Charges:
GPRS Activation & Monthly Charges FREE FREE FREE
Data Usage within Home Location 2p/10KB=Rs.2/MB 2p/10KB=Rs.2/MB 2p/10KB=Rs.2/MB
Data Usage while in Roaming 2p/10KB=Rs.2/MB 2p/10KB=Rs.2/MB 2p/10KB=Rs.2/MB
MMS Charges:
Local/STD Rs.3/MMS Rs.3/MMS Rs.3/MMS
International Rs.8/MMS Rs.8/MMS Rs.8/MMS
How to Extend Plan Validity? & How do Migrate into Other Plan?
Extension of Plan Validity Through respective plan voucher
Migration to other plan Through respective plan voucher
How to activate Friends & Family Option Facility?
BSNL AP circle has provided Friends & Family pack facility to Nestham and Swagatham plans. Customers are allowed to select landline/mobile numbers of any network within AP. This facility shall be activated by the customers with the following procedure.
Activation Procedure through SMS(for prepaid Customers):
FFE<space><no1><space><no2><space><no3><space><no4><space> <no5> and send SMS to 53733 (eg: FFE XXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXX and send SMS to 53733).
How to change Friends and Family Numbers:
FFM<space><old number><space><new number> and then send SMS to 53733
(eg: FFM XXXXXXXXXX YYYYYYYYYY). M- means Modification.
  • Only one number is allowed to change per one day. The minimum balance Rs.15 should be maintained in main account for changing FFE numbers. Rs.5 will be charged per change per number.
  • For activation of FFE 5nos, minimum Rs.15 main account balance should be maintained.
  • If you get any problem in activating Friends and Family numbers, contact nearest BSNL customer Centre for quick activation or call 1800 180 1503.
How to know the activated Friends & Family numbers:
Dial *124# to know about the already activated Friends and Family numbers.