BSNL ISD Special Tariff Vouchers(STV) for 2G/3G GSM Mobile Customers

Updated November 24, 2014: BSNL introduced ISD Special Tariff Vouchers(STV) Packs for 2G/3G GSM Mobile Customers to make ISD Voice Calls from BSNL Network to specified countries(USA, UK, Singapore etc.,) at reduced call charges as compare to Normal ISD Call rates. In addition to reduced ISD Voice calls, with these ISD STVs, International SMS rates are also reduced to 40%.

BSNL introduced two New ISD STV to make ISD Voice Calls at cheaper rate to the following countries
1. Nepal STV18 @ Rs.8.50/minute
2. Bhutan STV16 @ 10paise/sec. 
With these special ISD Voucher, customers shall make ALL voice calls from GSM Prepaid Mobile to BHUTAN/NEPAL countries at much cheaper rates. These two new ISD packs are not available to Post-Paid customers.

Features of BSNL ISD STV Packs:
  • The validity of ALL ISD STVs is 30days
  • The reduced ISD Voice and International SMS rate will be allowed while Roaming in BSNL Network.
  • Customers will be allowed to make calls at reduced ISD Voice & SMS rates, but Talk Value is NIL
  • The reduced ISD Voice and International SMS rate will be allowed in HOME LSA only within Circle.
S.No. Countries Prepaid 
Optional ISD STV
Features (Benefits)
Voucher MRP Validity
Fixed Monthly Charges(FMC)
Reduced Call Rates Reduced SMS Tariff
1 Canada, USA, China, Singapore Rs. 41 30 days Rs. 40 Rs.1.49/Min Rs. 3
2 Bangladesh,Hongkong, Malayasia, Thailand Rs. 27 30 days Rs. 25 Rs.2.99/Min Rs. 3
3 France, Germany, United Kingdom(UK) Rs. 38 30 days Rs. 35 Rs.4.49/Min Rs. 3
4 Australia, Bahrain, Indonesia, Kuwait Rs. 23 30 days Rs. 20 Rs.6.49/Min Rs. 3
5 NEPAL Country Rs.18 30 days Not available Rs.8.50/Min Rs. 3
6 BHUTAN Country Rs.16 18 days Not available 10paise/second Rs. 3

Normal ISD Call Charges from BSNL Network to the above mentioned Countries are as follow...
S.No. Country Name Normal ISD Charges without using ISD STV (Rs./minute) Call charges With ISD STV
1 USA & Canada Rs. 7 Rs. 1.49/min
Singapore Rs. 8
China Rs. 12
2 Bangladesh Rs. 12 Rs. 2.99/min
Hong Kong Rs. 10
Malaysia Rs. 8
Thailand Rs. 8
3 France Rs. 8 Rs. 4.49/min
Germany Rs. 8
United Kingdom(UK) Rs. 7
4 Australia Rs. 8 Rs. 6.49/min
Bahrain Rs. 12
Indonesia Rs. 10
Kuawit Rs. 12
5 NEPAL (new ISD STV Rs.18)  Rs.10 Rs. 8.50/min
6 BHUTAN (New ISD STV Rs.16) Rs.10 10paise/second
  • The countries for which no reduced ISD Voice Call Charges have been prescribed, normal ISD Tariff will be applicable.