BSNL Broadband Rural USOF/Limited/Unlimited Plans & Tariff

Updated April 25, 2015: Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited BSNL, India's No.1 Broadband Service Provider has been providing ADSL Broadband (High Speed Internet) Services through LandLine Network in Rural Areas. BSNL had introduced cheapest USOF Broadband Rural Plans at just Rs.99 only per month. There are more affordable Rural plans suitable for all types of Customers in Rural Areas.
Customers can also opt non-rural plans to enjoy High Speed Internet through Landline Services. BSNL Rural BB plans are available to Home and Business Customers. There is NO SECURITY DEPOSIT for all Rural Broadband Plans

Now there is NO BB PLAN applicable exclusively for HOME Customers. ALL Broadband Unlimited Plans are applicable to both HOME & BUSINESS Customers. Business Customers shall get Broadband Unlimited plan @ cheaper cost Rs.545(exclusive monthly telephone charges) in Urban areas where as in rural areas @ Rs.650(including Telephone monthly charges)

BSNL introduced 'UNLIMITED FREE CALLING FACILITY' from LANDLINE Services. The VDSL Broadband customers can utilize this GREAT FREE TALKING FACILITY from 9:00pm to 7:00pm to ANY NUMBER-ANY NETWORK all over India. This is an absolutely FREE VOICE Service from BSNL. This facility is available from May 1, 2015 onwards.

BSNL Broadband Rural Limited/Unlimited Plans & Tariff Details:

(BB Plan Name)
BBG Rural USOF 99 BBG Rural USOF 150 BBG Rural Combo 350 BBG Combo UL 650 BBG  Rural Combo 999
(Download Speed)
512Kbps/ upto 2Mbps 512Kbps/ upto 2Mbps 512Kbps/ upto 2Mbps Flat 512kbps  512Kbps/ upto 2Mbps
BB Monthly Plan Charges(BB FMC)
in Rs.
99 150 350 650* 999
Download/Upload Limit(MB/GB) per Month 400MB 1GB 1.5GB Unlimited 20GB
Free e-mail IDs/Space per e-mail ID 1/5MB 1/5MB 1/5MB 1/5MB 1/5MB
Static IP
(on request)
Not Available
Security Deposit
Minimum Hire Period
Telephone Fixed Monthly Charges As per existing Landline Plan As per existing Landline Plan NIL NIL NIL
Free Calls(MCU's) within BSNL N/W only As per existing Landline Plan As per existing Landline Plan 100 150 450
MCUs charges per pulse in Rs.
(to BSNL Network after free calls)
As per existing Landline Plan 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00
MCUs charges per pulse in Rs.
(to Other Network)
As per existing Landline Plan 1.20 1.20 1.20 1.20
Annual Payment Option(11XBB FMC) in Rs.[get 1 month rebate] 1089 1650 3850 7150 10989
Two Years Payment Option (21XBB FMC) in Rs.[get 3 months rebate] 2079 3150 7350 13650 20979
Three Years Payment Option (30XBB FMC) in Rs.[get 6 months rebate] 2970 4500 10500 19500 29970

Nomenclature Definition:
"BBG" means Broad Band General (applicable for Home & Business Customers in Rural Area)
"UL" means Unlimted
"USOF" means Universal Service Obligation Fund