BSNL AP Launched New GSM Prepaid Plan SWAGATHAM - Tariff & Features Details

Posted on May 17, 2013: Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited(BSNL) Andhrapradesh has launched New 2G Prepaid Plan SWAGHATAM on promotional basis for a period of 90 days from May 18, 2013 onwards. After rationalization of  GSM 2G/3G prepaid plans in AP on 1-2-2013, the competent authority has introduced SWAGATHAM Plan, a new GSM prepaid plan with special features that are not covered in present available 2G prepaid plans NESTHAM & VENNALA SUPER. 

Sailent Features of the SWAGATHAM plan:
  1. Initial Plan Voucher value(First Recharge) is only Rs.20
  2. Second Recharge(SRC) of the plan is Rs.1(one rupee) only which is to be loaded immediately after FRC-20 to get the additional features.
  3. On activation of SRC-1, the following additional features for initial two(2) months from the date of SRC are allowed. All ON/OFF Network(Local/STD) calls will be charged @ 1paise/2sec. SMS charges(Local/STD) for ON Network will be @5paise per SMS and OFF Network @15paise per SMS
  4.  After completion of initial two months, the normal plan tariff of SWAGATHAM as given below shall be applicable.
  5. Migration Voucher will be only Rs.20 without SRC-1. The migration customers will be offered SWAGATHAM plan normal tariff as mention below without additional features as said above.
BSNL AP GSM 2G Prepaid SWAGATHAM Plan & Tariff Details:
Initial Activation Charges
SIM Sale Value Rs.20
Plan Voucher Value Rs.20
Total Initial Cost Rs.40 only
Freebies at the time of activation
Free Talk Value(ON Network within AP) 400Sec in 30 days
Free Talk Value(OFF Network within AP) 200Sec in 30 days
Free Local SMS(within AP) 20
Free Data in MB(2G) 5MB
Initial Plan Validity Life Time
Plan Extension Voucher Value after initial 180days Rs.20 only
Pulse Rate 1Sec

Home Location(within AP) - Voice/Video/SMS Tariff:
Voice Calls (paise/sec)
Video Calls(paise/sec)
SMS charges
Local ON Network 1.2 Local ON Network 4 Local 50paise
Local OFF Network 1.5 Local OFF Network 4 STD 50paise
STD ON/OFF Network 1.5 STD ON/OFF Network 4 ISD Rs.5

On Roaming(Outside AP) - Voice/Video/SMS Tariff:
Voice Calls (paise/Minute)
Video Calls(paise/sec)
SMS charges
Local ON/OFF Network 100 Local ON/OFF Network 5 Local 80paise
STD ON/OFF Network 150 STD ON/OFF Network 5 STD 90paise

ISD Rs.5

Friends & Family Charges and Night Calling
F & F Nos of BSNL within AP 15paise
F & F Nos of other network within AP 35paise
F & F Nos BSNL/other network outside AP Not Applicable
Night Calling charges within AP Not Applicable
Note: Maximum 2No's are allowed of any N/W within AP

GRPS & MMS Charges:
Activation Charges NIL Local Rs.3
Monthly Charges NIL STD Rs.3
Usage within Home Location 0.04/10KB ISD Rs.8
Usage On Roaming 0.04/10KB