BSNL ADSL Broadband: How to create(Setup) New Dial-Up Connection in Windows XP/VISTA/ & Windows 7/8

Updated June 13, 2014: BSNL has providing Broadband Services all over India by means of ADSL technology with Landline provision. At the customer premises, to get internet access the ADSL modem shall be configured either in 1)PPPoE mode[Always ON mode] or in 2)Bridge mode. For bridge mode, a Dial UP Connection(Icon) is to be created which requires Username and Password for internet connectivity. 
There is a procedure to setup(create) dial-up connection according to the operating system of the computer. The details are as follows...

Operating System: WINDOWS XP

To Create a new connection in Windows XP, follow the steps below to create a new dial-up connection(icon) in the Desktop.

1. click Start button , click  on Settings, click Control Panel,

2. double click on Network and Internet Connections, double click on Network Connections

3. click Create a New Connection available in Network Tasks panel or (go to File and click New 

4. After opening of 'Welcome to New connection Wizard' window, click on Next

5select Connect to the Internet  and then click Next

6select Set up my connection manually and click Next

7. Select Connect using a broadband connection that requires a username and password and click 

8. Type the ISP name as BSNL BROADBAND and then click Next

9. Enter username and password provided by the BSNL(Internet Service Provider) and click Next

10. click Check Box Add a shortcut to this connection to Your desktop and click Finish.

      Finally a dial up window will be appeared which requires username and password to get connectivity to the Internet. Enter Username & Password              

      click on Connect, you will be connected to the internet. 

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Operating System: WINDOWS 7/VISTA

To Create a new connection in Windows 7, follow the steps below to create a new dial-up connection(icon) in the Desktop.
1. click Start button and click on Control Panel,

2. click on Network and Internet and click on Network and Sharing Centre

3. click on "Set up a new connection or network"  option

4. Select "Connect to the internet" option and click on Next

5select "No, create a New Connection" option and then click Next,

6select Broadband(PPPoE) and click Next,
7. Enter username and password provided by the BSNL(Internet Service Provider) and type connection name as BSNL(you shall type any name as you like) 
8. Click on "Connect" to complete the setup.

 If you are connected to the internet, an icon will be created with the name BSNL as you have given in connection name as BSNL,

otherwise, the system will show :connection failed with error 651 and it show 2 options as
(1) Try Again,
(2) Setup the connection anyway, you select "Setup the connection anyway" so that an icon will be created. otherwise you need to follow the above said procedure from steps 1to8 for Dial-Up connection.

To view a Dial-Up Connection icon, 
go to Start->Control Panel->Network and Internet-> Network and Sharing Center->Change adapter settings/manage adapter settings

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