BSNL Phone Back Service Procedure for Activation & Deactivation and Service Tariff Details

BSNL Phone Backup Service is a part of Value Added Sevices provided by BSNL to the valued customers. Through the BSNL Phone Backup Service, Customer can maintain backup of all contacts and SMS of Mobile which are stored in Phone Memory. Customer can restore these data stored in Phone Memory even after the Mobile Handset is lost or stolen or damaged.

Advantages of BSNL Phone Backup Service:
  • Quick Restoration of all Your Phone Content in case of Mobile Handset loss or damage.
  • Saving Time without re-entering of all your Mobile Contacts information when you get your New Mobile.
  • Assured Safety of all your Mobile Contact Information.
Minimum Requirements:
  • Mobile Handset Model should be supported. Click Here to know that your Handset Model compatible or not
  • GPRS/Portal Should be activated.
Service Activation Procedure:
This service can be accessed through three ways namely WAP, SMS and WEB.
(I)Phone Backup Service through WAP: .
Step1: Click on from your mobile.
Step2: The Customer shall download the client binary on to the mobile phone.
Step3: The customer will access the downloaded application and will be given the following options for backup
a)Backup – Customer can take back up of contacts, tasks, photos, events etc.
b)Schedule – Customer can schedule the backup tasks on daily, weekly or Monthly
c)Restore – If customer wants to restore backup, use this option for backup to the mobile phone.
Step4: The customer can choose any of the above options & start accessing.

(II)Phone Backup Service through SMS:.
Customer shall subscribe this service through SMS,   SUB to 58989 and get confirmation.
Customer can start the phone backup service after getting confirmation with the following procedure
Backup Add-On: Customer can start adding phone contacts through sms,  ADD <Name> <phonenumber>(eg: ADD callcentre 9440024365) to 58989. If customer wants to add 2 or more contacts at a time shall send sms, ADD <Name1> <number1>, <name2> <number2> to 58989
Backup Restore: Customer wants to restore a single contact number, send sms, RESTORE callcentre to 58989.
To restore all the contacts send sms, RESTORE ALL to 58989
Service Deactivation: Send SMS, UNSUB to 58989

(III)Phone Backup Service through WEB
Step1: Click on for WEB Registration.
Step2: Enter the details and confirm the registration.
step3: Customer will  be provided username and password
Step4: Customer shall access the service using username and password 

Service Deactivation Procedure:
Customers shall deactivate this service through SMS, UNSUB to 58989

Phone Backup Service Tariff:
Rs30 per month

BSNL Phone Backup Service Code:
58989(for sending SMS)