BSNL 3G 3.6Mbps / 7.2Mbps Data Cards Promotional Offers/Schemes

Posted on March 6, 2013: BSNL re-launched the promotional scheme to offer 3G 3.6Mbps Data card at reduced sale price as Back-Up to all eligible ADSL Broadband Post-Paid Customers. The offer is valid for 90 days with effective from March 5, 2013 onwards. This promotional scheme was launched in first time on November 11, 2012 for a period of 90 days.

The Promotional Scheme Details are...
Offer Sale Price of 3.6Mbps Data Card
Eligible Customers
Rs.800(Exclusive of VAT) ADSL Broadband Post-Paid Customers with FMC>=Rs.600 Plan
Rs.500(Exclusive of VAT) ADSL Broadband Post-Paid Customers with any FMC Plan under Annual Payment Option
  • Under this scheme, customer will be offered Start-Up Kit(SUK) with 1GB free data usage with a validity of 30days of Rs132(exclusive of S.Tax) along with plan voucher Rs.51(inclusive of S.Tax) with 200MB free data usage shall be purchased for activation of Data Plan. 
  • This offer is available through BSNL CSC only. 
  • Note: Only one Data Card will be offered against one BSNL ADSL Broadband Customer