BSNL WiMAX CSC Post-Paid Limited/Unlimited Plans

Updated June 4, 2014: BSNL has launched WiMAX high speed wireless broadband services in December 2009. With the deployment of WiMAX 4G technology, BSNL is aimed to provide high speed internet services in rural areas. As a part of it BSNL has introduced WiMAX post-paid plans exclusively for Customer Service Centres(CSC's) which are part of National e-Governance Plan introduced by the Government of India.
What is Customer Service Centre:
The CSC is a strategic cornerstone of the National e-Governance Plan(NeGP), approved by the Government of India in May 2006 to introduce e-governance services in rural areas. The CSC's will offer web-enabled e-governance services including Utility Services such as Electricity, Telephone, Water Bills, Internet Surfing, DTP, Health Services, Insurance Services, Education Services and all other government services.

Particulars Limited CSC Plans Unlimited CSC Plans
Plan WI CSC 400 WI CSC 999 WI CSC 1000 WI CSC 1500
Bandwidth (whereever technically feasible) 512Kbps to 2Mbps 512Kbps upto 6GB, & 256Kbps beyond 6GB 512Kbps to 2Mbps 512Kbps
Applicability CSC under e-governance CSC under e-governance CSC under e-governance CSC under e-governance
Security Deposit One Month FMC One Month FMC One 
Month FMC
One Month FMC
Activation/ Installation Charges (in Rs.) NIL NIL NIL NIL
Fixed Monthly Charges FMC (in Rs.) 400 999 1000 1500
Free Usage per Month 4GB 8GB Unlimited Unlimited
Additional Usage Charges beyond Free Limit (Rs./MB) 0.15* 0.15* Not Applicable Not Applicable
Free E-mail ID's/Space(per e-mail ID) 1/5MB 1/5MB 1/5MB 1/5MB
Minimum Hire Period Three Months Three Months Three Months Three Months
*BSNL has extended Additional Usage Charges beyond FREE LIMIT charges as Rs.0.15 per MB for a period of 90 days from 30-5-2014
  • Under CSC connection, the Customer Premises Equipment(CPE) cost is NIL.
  • Fixed Monthly Charges(FMC's) for Indoor CPE,Outdoor CPE is Rs.50 and for WiMAX Dongle is Rs.40 per month.
  • For any queries contact your nearest BSNL Customer Support.