BSNL Launched All India One Bill Facility for BSNL Corporate Customers for Landline & Broadband Services

BSNL has launched All India One Bill Facility on PAN India basis for the benefit of the customers  who are having BSNL landline and broadband facility in multi cities and are desirous to have Single Bill for all the Telephone Numbers at a specified location. The techinical term for "All India One Bill" facility is PAN India E-Stapling(ES) of Bills.

How do Corporate Customers Enroll All India One Bill Facility:
Corporate Customers desirous of having a Single Bill for all the telephone and Broadband connections at a Specified location, shall be required to enroll for the scheme by signing 'Terms and Conditions' document of the scheme. The Key Accounts Officer will explain the terms and conditions to the corporate customers before enrollment of the scheme.
The corporate customers enrolled under this scheme of Pan India ES shall be governed by the existing discounting policy and shall be eligible for volume discount as applicable for group customers at present.

Issuing of Invoices(Bills):
Pan India ES Invoices(All India One Bill) shall be issued by the SSA(Secondary Switching Area) owning the Customer. For example if the corporate Customer's Telephone/Broadband connection(parent account) is at Hyderabad, then All India One Bill shall be issued by Hyderabad SSA irrespective of  Telephone /Broadband connections(Child Accounts) in multi cities.
SSA means the area in which the country is divided by the Telegraph Authority, and is co-terminus with a Long Distance Charging Area. 

How to Make Payment of the Invoices:
There are two ways to make the payment of the invoices.
I)Corporate Customers can pay the Pan India ES invoices at any PMS(Payment Management System) counter i.e. Online BSNL payment counter anywhere in India. The amount will then get distributed and accounted against each Child Account automatically.
II)Customer shall made the payment other than Online BSNL counters or by other mode of payment like RGTS, NEFT etc., The ES account holder(Corporate Customer) is required to submit the payment details to the Accounts officer(TR) of the concerned SSA.

Important Note:
If ES customer is required to make fill payment of the total bill amount and if any adjustment is required the same shall be done in the next invoice and only in the Child Acount bt the Accounts Officer(TR) concerned of the SSA where the Child Account is maintained. Otherwise, if partial payment is made at ES-Account, the payment is noted against all Child Accounts proportionately, which may cause disconnection of Telephone Connection due to Non-Payment of Bill of concerned Child Account.
Hence ES customers should be informed before hand to avoid payment of bill partially.